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What’s happenin’, cats?

This track is from a sometimes frustrating spin off game, but is one of my favorite chiptune Sonic tracks out there! The act three section has its own special music while you’re dodging various things flying at you, and I love the way it drives! I love the percussion track, and the main melody track the most. It’s really moving, especially in the beginning, when everything fades. The lines and arpeggios are really cool, and the way it switches into the major key mixes things up. The melody is really catchy, from going down to pedal tones on the off beats when it has eighth notes, super cool! And we can’t forget the bass line, which is catchy and driving as well. Enjoy!

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    Excellent summary as always!
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    THIS SONG. 1,000 TIMES THIS SONG. I’m not exaggerating the least bit when I say that I used to plug my Game Gear into...
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    sunset park act 3 O.O
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    One of the greatest 8-bit Sonic tracks in existence, if not THE greatest
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