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Almost Dead

- damnfourthchaosemerald

Well, I think we all had this one coming.

For those of you who might not remember, Almost Dead plays during the credits when you complete the Pure Dark routes of Shadow the Hedgehog. Right from the start, it sounds like something from the very depths of hell, singing from the bottom of his lungs. Once it kicks in, the groove doesn’t really change—pressing forward at full, crunching speed. The vocals are a little hard to bear for my tastes, a bit too edgy and yelling-like. Of course, there is the half time breakdown in the middle of the track, where things get even heavier than before (if possible), with a squelching guitar solo, before the chorus rings in again. The little guitar fills in the chorus are nice, and add a little bit of color to the dark mix. While I have listened to and enjoyed this style of music before, this particular mix is a bit much for me. Not to mention the ending is very abrupt. It’s quite over the top!

And, I believe it answers this question:

Not a request, but is there a Sonic song you DON’T like, for any reason? Be it the song itself or your personal tastes or something like that

- equiusspaghetti 

"No more gods, no more graves, are you friend or fiend…?"

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    yeah same. no regrets.
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    I fucking love the music from this game. .w.
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    This is like my most favourite song on the whole album because of everything said above. Seriously, this was like the...
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